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Thom Robson is a composer and producer from London


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Thom Robson is a composer and produced who lives and works in London.

He has written music for a number of award winning films, television shows, videos games and for advertising. Highlights includes the feature Anatomy of a Love Seen, the BIFA winning feature Strings, the acclaimed videogame Morphopolis and the channel 5 nature series, Wild Britain.

His music can also be heard in season 3 of Stranger Things, the recent Netflix series Street Food and the Emmy winning series Chef’s Table. He has also written for numerous multi-award winning short films including KEITH, Sit In Silence and From Fragments 

In 2018 his track “From Fragments” was released by Injazero records on their debut label compilation “Injacomp001”. He has also remixed music from Metronomy, Denai Moore & Ills. Collaborations include string arrangements for Tony Njoku and Albecq, an ambient electronic project with composers Angus MacRae & James Jones.


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